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The Coffee's Tao: Discover the Diamond within you (Digital)

The Coffee's Tao: Discover the Diamond within you (Digital)


A book based on a true story of three women: architect, a chef and a lawyer from Panama City, Panama who set themselves free from their "formal ties" of their everyday professions and joined together to create a lifetime project located in farthest part of the countryside. Located in the magestic mountains of Boquete, Chiriquí, in a fully off-the-grid location, Lorraine, Marilin and María Jesús dedicated for almost a decade the built up of a organic and self sustain coffee farm/lodge, filled in life lessons and experiences.
"The Tao of Coffee: Discover the Diamond in You" is not just any book; it is not another self-help book. The Tao of Coffee unites hearts and souls; it connects you to the unlimited power of nature with its life lessons while growing organic coffee, and with the source of unconditional love and, most importantly, connects you with the "All" and with everyhting, making you aware of your sorroundings and your true self. A truly inspiring journey in order to find the real diamond within you.

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